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This is the option for custom frame geometry.

The Frame

Few things in life are better at putting a grin on your face than a mountain bike. Nothing beats slaloming down perfect dirt, popping off logs and rocks, all while scaring yourself just the right amount to know you’re still alive! That’s why our mountain bikes are built for playful, aggressive geometry meant for pedaling all day and partying downhill. Like the secretly smart class clown, this bike has your back in the rough and keeps your cheesing ear to ear.

Process/ How To Order

1. Deposit and design

So you’ve shopped around and decided your new bike is a Flatiron, awesome! Thank you! The next step is a $600 deposit to hold your place in the queue and to start the design process. Let’s talk about how you ride, what you ride, and where you ride. We’ll work together to collect your human dimensions and bike fit measurements so your new dream whip fits like a glove. Here we’ll also talk about any other wishes and requirements to make your bike the perfect bike for you. After that, a design drawing will be sent for your approval and sign off. As many times as it takes to get your dream ride.

2. Build Kit and Parts Spec

During the design process, we’ll also talk about all the other parts that make up your new bike. Should you choose a complete build or a partial build, a component list will also be sent with the design drawing. Sign off of this list is required with design approval as well as payment for the components.

3. Waiting

With the final design approved, all that’s left is to wait patiently until your name reaches the top of the build queue.

4. The Build

The day is here! I will let you know when you’re name has reached the top of the list. The magic starts with inspecting and prepping the raw materials, cutting them to your specifications, and joining them together to give you your perfect adventure companion. I document my build process on Instagram, in email, with a final Flickr album at the end so you can see the journey your bike has been on to get to you. Once the fabrication is complete, the frame goes off to powder coating or paint as discussed. Final payment is due at this time. Once returned from its spa vacation, any final prep is performed and if you’ve selected a complete or partial build, the bike is assembled from the component list before sent off to you to ride!

5. Get Out and Ride

Now it’s your turn. Go get outside and enjoy your dream bike!

The Specs

  • 44mm Head Tube
  • Post Mount 180 Disc Mounts
  • 148x12 Boost Spacing
  • UDH compatible dropouts
  • Proportionally sized fit geometry and tubing selection
  • Internal Dropper compatible
  • External Brake and Shift routing
  • Single color powdercoat with Decals

Typical lead-time:

6-8 weeks for off-the-shelf runs. Lead times vary for custom geometry, contact for details!

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