Why Flatiron

Metal Bikes Built for the Way You Ride

At Flatiron bikes, we believe in intuitive, durable design focused on the way you ride. A bike should last longer than one season of shredding, that’s why our frames are made of metal. Steel tubing exhibits natural frequency reductions that’s friendly on the body, an infinite fatigue life ensuring your frame will one day be old enough to share that beer with you, and when the time does come to say good-bye, the frame can be recycled and repurposed - speaking to our values in leaving this world better than we found it.

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Rider Centric Design

The proportionally sizing method of our frames is based on human-performance research, sprinkled with a dash of two-wheeled adventure. We offer custom fit or ready-to-order geometry options. This approach ensures your bike becomes an extension of you and your riding style, while dialing up the fun and progression to 11.

Our straightforward designs keep the bike handling predictably without the need to ‘get to know’ your bike. Your Flatiron feels like the old crew you went to shows with.

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